Custom Synthesis

With over 20 years of experience, Amsyn offers multipurpose, custom synthesis capabilities and innovative technical expertise wherein proprietary chemicals can be produced in lab scale batches, pilot plant quantities or multi-ton commercial lots.

Our specialized facilities can handle the most difficult projects, including multi step, complicated reactions. After initial commercial production, optimization of the process allows for the opportunity of a seamless transfer to a more cost efficient production facility.



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site 1

Organic Chemistry R&D, Small Scale Production

  • Custom manufacturing for 1-200kg of Organic Compounds
  • Specializing in synthesis of heterocycles, substituted indoles and derivatives, ketones and ketone derivatives, with many reaction capabilities including but not limited to reduction, oxidation, Grignard and halogenations.
  • Offering contract process development as well as analytical and quality control capabilities.
  • Production equipment includes stainless steel and glass lined reactors, and Hot Tube reactors in a variety of sizes; one liter, and three gallon autoclaves available.

site 2

Lab to Small Scale Production

  • Engaged in laboratory scale organic synthesis, drug and chemical product research and chemical production for the pharmaceutical, biotech, drug discovery and specialty chemical companies.
  • Specializing in organic compounds, natural products, hetercycles, nucleosides and amino acids.
  • Compounds are made to order in ranging from milligram to kilogram quantities. 

site 3

Pilot to Mid-Scale, Off-Shore Manufacturing

  • Process R&D; specializing in multi-step, challenging chemistries
  • Process transfer
  • Chemistry services, including 30 chemists

site 4

Mid-Scale Production

  • Production from 250kg to 20,000+kg campaigns
  • Flexible equipment set up
  • Process development, scale-up lab to pilot projects
  • Chemical blending and formulation
  • Equipment includes multiple 50-1000 gallon glass lined and steel reactors, with variable speed blade agitators
  • Distillation columns:
    15' x 6" packed with SS pall rings
    12' x 6" packed with ceramic saddles

site 5

Mid to Large Scale, Off-Shore Production

  • Pilot to commercial production; volumes upwards of 1MM #/year
  • Multiple sets of reactors from 100-500 liter to 5,000 liter including Stainless Steel, Porcelain, and Glass Lined.
  • Distillation Columns: Stainless Steel

site 6

Large Scale,

  • Manufacturer of specialty chemical intermediates amd API's
  • 100kg to multi MM kg reaction capabilities
  • Specializing in tetrazole chemistry


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Distillation Columns

  • Glass
  • Porcelain


  • Glass Lined
  • Hot Tube
  • Stainless Steel

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