Materials Handling

Jet Milling / Grinding

Particle size, shape and surface area can have dramatic effects on chemical product handling and formulation performance. Amsyn has decades of experience in custom particle sizing to meet our customers' most demanding requirements.

Beginning with common mechanical milling, Amsyn can assist with simple handling issues such as caked materials as well as rough particle size manipulation.

Augmenting our mechanical milling are sophisticated vertical and horizontal jet milling capabilities. Jet milling offers the most precise method of particle size reduction, down to sub-micron size, with a very low tolerance for contamination. Properly administered, jet milling techniques can consistently reproduce the most exacting particle size distribution and surface area requirements.

Amsyn can handle milling and jet milling requirements for non-regulated as well as hazmat, food and cGMP processes. We welcome your inquiries.


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Amsyn rigorously reviews and continually works to upgrade our supplier capabilities in order to provide customers with proven, dependable, off-shore and domestic sources of supply.

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