Amsyn Incorporated

The foundation for Amsyn began with the establishment of Amber Synthetics Incorporated in 1989. Amber Synthetics was initially created to provide custom manufacturing and sourcing services to the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1992, Amber Synthetics was merged together with newly acquired activities in chemical distribution (Alemark Chemical) and R&D Consulting (Custom Synthesis & Development). The operations of Amber Synthetics, Alemark Chemicals and CS&D together became Amsyn Incorporated, a uniquely integrated organization perfectly adapted to meet the full range of development, commercialization and distribution needs of the chemical industry.

With offices in Stamford, Connecticut and Nashua, New Hampshire, our headquarters is in close proximity to New York City, the industrial cross roads of the mid-Atlantic region, the high tech centers of New England and the concentration of the U.S. Pharmaceutical business in New Jersey.


Our business has grown steadily as we consistently achieve our corporate mission….
“To provide a prompt, reliable, innovative and professional response to the service demands of our customers while achieving the marketing objectives of our suppliers.”


The amsyn Team