CAS No. 62-54-4

Calcium Acetate, Pharma Grade

Calcium Acetate, Pharma Grade


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  • Calcium diacetate;  Acetic acid, calcium salt;  Calcium di(acetate);  Calcium acetate hydrate; Calcium Acetate;


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physical forms

White Agglomerate or Powder

hazmat information

Class: No


Assay: 0.99


Bag: 20 kg / 25 kg.
Pallet: 30 Bags / 40 Bags


Calcium Acetate is used in the production of lubricants, calcium soap, carbon black, and resins for printing ink.
Used in the water treatment and as concrete accelerator.
Used as blowing agent for PVC foam.
Used as a food ingredient as a sequestrant, thickener, stabilizer, buffer and for pH control.
Is supplied as a hemihydrate in the form of a fine white bulky powder.
Also found in application for petroleum and textiles industries.
Used as a neutralizer of fluoride in water.
Used as laboratory reagent, laboratory chemical.
Calcium Acetate is used in the production of lubricants, carbon black
and resins for printing ink, in calcium soap manufacture, as a gelling agent, in water treatment, as a concrete accelerator and as a PVC foam blowing agent.
The product is also used in fertilizers as a calcium source with a calcium (Ca) level of Minimum  23.8 %  ( 33.4 %  expressed as CaO ).

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