Amsyn Now Offers Food Grade Potassium Citrate!

Thursday, June 06th

Understanding the increasing value placed on Potassium Salts by the American Dietary Guidelines, Amsyn found it critical to find a way to offer food grade Potassium Citrate as one of its many products. By 2021, all American food companies will have to list the amount of potassium on their nutrition facts labels. Furthermore, the daily value for Potassium is increasing to 4,700mg from 3,500mg.

The increased use of Potassium in fortified products can lead to drastic changes in taste and color, so a blend with Potassium Salts is an efficient and cost effective alternative. Potassium Citrate can be used in a blend to reduce sodium and help companies achieve the "good source of potassium" claim on their products. Our partnership with a BRC certified manufacturer will allow us to help you prepare for and to maintain these new dietary guidelines in no time!

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