Helping you create a pathway to wellness

We work with you to help you build coping skills and work through distress.


The primary goal of individual therapy is to increase understanding of your thoughts and behaviors to help increase your functioning and well-being. Our therapists use approaches from multiple areas including Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Humanistic, and Integrative. Our goal is that you find a therapist who you feel connected to. Please refer to our page of Therapist Bio’s.


For those struggling with issues in their relationship, couples counseling may be an option. Couples face a wide variety of challenges- infidelity, poor communication, parenting issues. Our therapists with couples as a team to help create solutions that work for both partners.


We understand that the stress, anxiety and depression among teens is real and requires a focused specific approach. Our therapists Samantha and Savannah are both CCCAATP Certified- Certified Clinical Child Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professionals. See their bios to read more about their approaches to treatment by building connections through trust and non- judgment open dialogue.

Professional therapists you can trust

Each therapist at Monmouth Integrative Counseling Services brings his/her own eclectic approach to treatment. A therapist is often the first point of contact for a person seeking therapy, so we have each therapist’s Bio on our website, for you to read and determine if any of our therapists may be a good fit for you.

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